What is I/O Psychology?

Hello, Talofa, Malo Aupito, Noaia e Mauri and a very big Bula vinaka! 

Introducing the mysterious, and sometimes almost mystical, world of Industrial and Organizational Psychology and its implications on the South Pacific is such a daunting task so please forgive my attempt lest it falls flat on its face. 

Industrial and Organizational Psychology, sometimes referred to as Business/Work/ Occupational Psychology,  is the science of human behavior relating to the workplace and applies psychological principles to organizations and the individual’s work life. 

Simply put, it’s a cross-section between Psychology and Business, where we apply psychology in the business setting, trying to ensure better performance on all levels within a workplace. 

We are not, and do not claim to be, psychiatrists! 

There aren’t any sessions on the couch where we want you to open up about childhood trauma! Compared to the traditional professions of the psychology field we have it easy ( Don’t tell them I said that though…just kidding lol). 

So What Do We Actually Do?

We focus on how to improve the quality of a workplace, with the goal of striking a balance between better outputs for the organization while elevating worker motivation and comfort. 

The french poet and author Paul Valéry said that

“ The purpose of psychology is to give a completely different idea of the things we know best”. 

That’s exactly what our field of study does! It flips the script on “traditional” ideas, trying to create a more efficient way of doing things. 

We work closely with important stakeholders within the organization like the executives, the HR professionals, and most importantly with the employees. We do this in the hopes of getting a well-rounded view of the issue we are trying to resolve, while also engaging the aforementioned stakeholders so that they are invested in finding solutions. 

Areas such as Employee Motivation, Organizational Development, Team Cohesion and other abstract concepts are studied through a scientific scope so that the correct adjustments can be made. Work psychology relies on the Scientist-Practitioner Model which means that we develop theories and conduct experiments, while also implementing these ideas in the real-world in the hopes of advancing the field. 

What Does That Have To Do With You?

The reason I’m so passionate about this topic is because I believe that the Western way of doing things is not always the best solution. As research in our field grinds on, the similarities between more efficient business practices and pasifika cultural aspects begins to grow! 

I am endeavoring to disseminate the concepts of Industrial and Organizational Psychology in terms that anyone out there can understand! 

Scientific Jargons? Nada.

5-syllable vocabulary? GONE! 

And the best part for you? It’s completely FREE!

So please browse, peruse, and read. 

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