4 Ways To Encourage Psychological Safety In Pasifika Organizations

Having a work environment where employees are engaged, consuming knowledge faster, being innovative with processes, and with an increase in workplace productivity would certainly be a dream for most managers and HR professionals. 

Well it doesn’t have to be. In a Pasifika organization that encourages Psychology Safety, that dream workplace could actually become reality! 

We dove into what psychological safety was and its importance to teams in the previous post so please check that out first so that you can have a grasp on the concept before proceeding.

This article will focus on 4 simple things that leaders can do to boost psychological safety in their organizations and teams. 

FYI when I mean leaders I don’t mean managers and executives. Anyone can and should take leadership in this! 

Be Genuinely Concerned

This seems like a no-brainer and everyone should definitely be doing this already! 

The importance of this aspect has increased in a time when most of the workforce is currently working from home where the interactions between personal and professional issues become commonplace. 

We sometimes think that showing concern is a sign of weakness. Pasifika is predominantly a masculine culture and emotional intelligence has been a tough concept for men to work on but having the ability to understand when a member is undergoing personal struggles allows us to connect meaningfully beyond work. 

Share Realistic Expectations and Commitments

The overarching theme here is genuinity and trust! 

You need to communicate your expectations for the team and outline what commitments each member will have to meet for those expectations to be met. It has to be realistic in that it can be obtained within that time frame. It has to be accurate in that the short-term goals are aligned with the long-term goals because nothing kills motivation faster than a plan that’s constantly being changed unilaterally. 

Another important aspect of this is that you need members to buy into the vision! Once everyone is invested in a vision, they will be more willing to keep to the expectations that you have set with them – keywords here being “with them”. 

Changes? Explain Them!

Like I said previously, nothing kills motivation faster than a plan that’s changed without explanation! 

In business change is constant, there’s no denying that. What leaders need to do is explain what those changes are and how it affects the plans that are currently being undertaken. Being secretive has never been the best solution to these situations!

Get ahead of the inevitable reactions that occur in these circumstances. It is human nature to fear the unknown and people take it differently – some people are adaptable and some shut down or become aggressive. Sharing precise and accurate information soothes these emotions in ways that other approaches cannot. 

Extreme Ownership Begins with YOU! 

These strategies began with being genuine and so it is only right to end with that as well. For these approaches to work, people need to trust that you are going to be there for them. As is human nature, it is scary when you are faced with the prospect of failure! 

Our biggest worry as leaders is to lose credibility in the eyes of our companions. It is ingrained in us through our culture that leaders should have all the answers and cannot make mistakes. That is far from the truth!

You can help lessen those fears by admitting your mistakes and shortcomings while also encouraging those around you treat failure as lessons learnt. Once they understand that you own your failings they will follow suit and the rest will be history.

Pasifika workplaces have so much potential for growth and competitiveness both within the region and internationally. The key to that is its people!

Creating an environment where they are comfortable mentally allows them to tap into their potential. These four strategies can be used by leaders within the teams and organizations to create such an environment. 
Psychological Safety is an important concept that would do Pasifika organizations good to have.

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