5 Tips to a Balanced Work-Life During Lock-Down

Having a balanced work-life balance has never been as important as when the pandemic shut down the entire world. With businesses having to continue with their grind, employees had to adjust to working from home and may have faced issues that were new to them.

Why is it important?

Studies have shown that a balanced work-life increased happiness both in the office and at home which positively affects your productivity while minimizing work-related stress. When you’re unable to separate your professional and personal life, it negatively impacts your mental and physical health.

Here are 5 ways to maintain that balance !

Maintain a Work Schedule

First things first.

Create a work schedule that you’re able to keep! Try to follow that work schedule as best as you can with start times, breaks (lunch and snacks are a must!), and when you’re going to finish for the day and transition back to home life.

It’s tempting to try and make it up as you go but you will find that if you go down this route, you’re more likely to get distracted with leisure activities and chores. This, of course, would cut into your productivity and lead to you getting into trouble with the bosses.

Ensure that your family are aware of your work hours and that they respect it.

You should also refrain from working after hours!

Allocate a Work Space

Having a designated work space helps you get into the zone! It allows you to switch into business mode sub-consciously and keeps you in that mode throughout the work hours.

You need to ensure that there aren’t any distractions in the room such as a TV because you will be tempted to turn it on.

If you cannot have a room specifically for working, then find a place in the house that would allow you to work without being disturbed.

Break Time!

I’ve mentioned this in the section for maintaining a work schedule but I warrant that this requires a segment of its own.

Make sure to have small breaks throughout your day where you’re able to get in some food. Stretching or a short walk should help you relax a bit before continuing with work.

Having these intervals allows you to re-center yourself with your work and breaks up the monotony and boredom of work.

Be Aware of Time Wasters!

We live in a time where distractions are everywhere! We are now conditioned, through social media and mobile apps, to continuously look for new things to do every few minutes.

Our attention span, as a species, is now the shortest in our human history! Studies have shown that the average human can concentrate for about 8 seconds – and that dropped from 12 seconds that people in the 2000s averaged!

Think about that for a minute…or 8 seconds.

The Goldfish effect, aptly named because goldfish were previously thought to have one of the shortest attention spans studied, has been linked to the rise of social media. Why do you think Tiktok and reels are so popular nowadays?

If you want to stay productive at home, then shut out any form of distractions that may disrupt your schedule. That includes people!

Communicate with the housemates

Lastly, as I always like to point out, communication is key!

Let your housemates – that includes family, friends, roommates, cats, and dogs – that you have a work schedule that you have to keep and that you will be make time after your work hours.

It’s hard, I know!

You’re at home so you should be available all the time right? WRONG!

The only way you can balance your work and personal life is to focus on whichever it is you have at the time. There isn’t any secret formula that has a one-size fits all program. You are the only person that can create this balance in your life because you understand the circumstances that surrounds you.

It may not be easy to do but, believe me, once you have gotten it down it will help you in your professional life as well as your personal life.

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