How to Re-Energize Yourself at Work!

I just read an article in the Harvard Business Review that talked about ways to re-energize yourself when you’re feeling drained at work.

Whether this comes after a night of challenging your cousins around a kava bowl or from a week of constantly going 100% at work, we’ve all been there.

Now if you search up “How to get out of a work rut” you’ll find a plethora of results that spit out long lists of activities that more than likely have the opposite effect. You read a few lines and you’d rather be hit with a bone-crunching tackle in rugby than carry on reading right?

Believe me, I’m the same way!

So when I came across this article and realized that the suggestions here are things that anyone could do (even me) I knew there would be someone out there that would benefit from it.

So here goes!

Write your purpose on a Post-It Note.

Why are you waking up everyday and getting back on the treadmill of life? Once you’ve answered that question, write it on a post-it and stick it on your computer!

It’s there to be a reminder so that whenever you’re drained and need that shot of “why” it right there for you to see.

See it. Read it. Get after it!

Create “a wall of encouragement.”

If there’s one positive about the internet that I absolutely love, it’s the fact that there are diabolical geniuses out there that have the time to create memes for the rest of us.

Print out your favorite memes, poems, lyrics, messages, or whatever it is that helps you through the day and get to work putting it around your desk or digitally store it! So whenever you need an upper, look no further than your desk.

Trust me it works!

Write up a to-don’t list.

If there’s anyone that’s an expert on your likes and dislikes it’s you!

You know your limitations and triggers so make a list of whatever it is – even the ones that anybody else would think silly – and start eliminating these things from your life.

It could be an annoying aunty that’s ALWAYS commenting on your weight or it could be that tv drama that just gets your blood riling, whatever it it is just identify and release!

These were a few points that I got from the article that I wanted to share but if you’re interested in reading more of it then I would definitely encourage you to check it out.

I’d also love to hear what you think about the suggestions above! Do you agree with them? Disagree? Are there other approaches that you would suggest? If you do have any suggestions, I’d love to try them out myself.

But until next time, I bid you farewell.

Ni moce tale mada!

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