Peek Behind The Curtains

I am but a simple island boy

Bula vinaka! My name is Alfred Tora and I am from beautiful islands of Fiji, born in the majestic Kingdom of Tonga, and currently residing in the desert state of Utah, USA.

I am a Husband, a Father, and an aspiring advocate for Organizational Psychology in the Pacific.

Current student at the University of London, working towards a MSc in Organizational Psychology.

Business Journeyman through a number of industries.

Lifelong Learner of interesting things.

Goals for the blog?

Simplify, Amplify, Exemplify

What is Industrial/Organizational Psychology?

I left it to the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology to explain what Industrial and Organizational Psychology is, as well as its functions, importance and applications in the world.

If you’re the reading type instead of the watching type, then skip right one through

The simplest explanation I can offer is that Industrial and Organizational Psychology is the scientific study of people at work and how to improve their performance.

We aren’t your typical psychologists though. We’re not therapists. There are no couches, no sessions or deep heart-to-heart! Unless of course it is work related.

It’s amazing. It’s innovative. It’s applicable.

It’s Industrial and Organizational Psychology

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